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Rainwater harvesting success story of Savio Figueiredo of Aldona

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Savio Figueiredo shares with us his experience in Rooftop rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge at his residence in Aldona

"For us RWH basically means Roof Top Water Harvesting and Ground water recharging. Th section encircled in red shows how my roof water is directly sent to my well. Being on sloping land it does not benefit me directly but benefits the water table downstream.

As you can see I do the last mile system . I disconnect the drain till a good 4-5 heavy rains wash out the dust, dirt leaves etc. and then only do I connect it to reach the well. The water is not filtered and the water goes directly into the well and we drink it without treatment. Guess our immune systems have got used to it as we dont face any problems"

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