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About Us

ComePostVille is an initiative to build purpose driven communities where people share knowledge & skills, enable and encourage positive actions,  build on experiences and growing together towards sustainability.


“If we wait for the government, it will be too late, if we act as individuals it will be too less, if we act as communities, it might just be enough”—-This quote by Rob Hopkins nicely explains the philosophy of what we are trying to do.

Our vision is to Enable positive actions towards sustainability through community interventions.

The mission of ComePostVille is to bring together like-minded citizens on a platform to share knowledge, experience, ideas and connect them.

There are four values we hold dear:

Leading by example

Knowledge grows with sharing

Positive Stories and Actions

Bonhomie and Camaraderie

About the Name “ComePostVille”

Come : —-All are welcome to join. We are open to all irrespective of age, background,

Post : —Lets “Post”

a. Queries and questions that would enable us build our knowledge, skills

b. Learnings and experiences and share them with other fellow citizens.

c. Ideas for projects that we would like to take up as a community towards sustainability.


Ville :—Ville specifies a game where we all #PlayOurPart, connect with each other and become a better and stronger part of the community

How we started

We started with composting...

Every citizen can contribute to the solution of a universal problem by composting, while also gaining benefits from it. It is a skill that allows for great resource savings.

"ComePost" a Whatsapp Helpline was started in September 2018 in an effort to connect newcomers to composting with veterans, to help them get started, to keep going and to reach the desired results.

The community began with a couple of conscious members and grew over time. In October 2020, we launched "ComePostVille", a game across five cities in Goa (Panaji, Ponda, Mapusa, Vasco and Madgaon), where the goal was to get as many members composting as possible. By December 2020, we crossed the 1000 members mark. Currently, we have around 20 locations in Goa with more than 2000 members.

The discussion on composting slowly graduated to other areas of sustainability including Gardening, Cleanup drives, Sapling plantation, Revival of Public Parks, Organising biodiversity trails & Community seed bank

The vision of the initiative is to build a buzzing community of citizens encouraging each other to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

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