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Leaf Composter that is also a growing medium

Radish grown by Hema Unny in her Leaf Composter
Leaf composter of Shrikrishna Kamat who has grown tomatoes, bitter-gourds and ash-gourds

Many of us composters have started our composting journeys by composting leaves in a wire mesh in our garden or in a plastic container at home. Let us see how Hema Unny of ComePostVille Vasco has used the wire mesh leaf composter in an innovative way.

The soil around the residence of Hema has a lot of rocky spaces and therefore it is difficult to grow in such a surface, which is why Hema took up leaf composting. Even after adding such compost to the soil, the crops like radish grown were not as healthy as she expected them to be.

This is when she got an idea of trying out the wire mesh leaf composters also as a growing medium. She sowed some radish seeds inside the leaf composter and the results have been much better.

The wire mesh leaf composter is just tied to keep it together and can be easily shifted to another place. We can all try this in our own leaf composters !!

In the other photograph you can see leaf composter of Shrikrishna Kamat who has been growing tomatoes, bitter-gourds and ash-gourds around the leaf composter using a similar technique.

If you know of any such innovations which we should share in the community please get in touch with us.

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