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Growing Ginger-Learning Journey of Dr Nidhi Marathe

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Dr Nidhi Marathe of ComePostVille Madgaon is an avid gardener and has got some amazing results with her agricultural produce. Below is her learning journey in her own words.

"My growing journey started as a child, watching my father growing different vegetables, fruits, flowers around our house. As I came to Goa after marriage nine years back, I continued growing without chemicals in my balcony.

About 3 years back a close friend of mine gave me a handful of ginger rhizomes she grew organically in her garden. I planted that and it multiplied. I repeated that every season and this time grew it in a patch and got a beautiful yield.

I try to provide my plants with whatever a living being would require... water, nutrition, space to grow, fresh air, love and respect.

To ensure that no chemicals or toxins go in my soil and plants, I prepare probiotics and nutrients to my soil on my own using all natural and non-toxic ingredients. Combining these with a good dose of compost and mulch gives a good healthy crop".

We have not seen many ginger growers in Goa, and the way Dr Nidhi has shown, we should all give it a shot. Apart from Ginger Dr Nidhi has also grown many other crops. Below are photos of her Radish and Corn

If any of you have any such learning journeys about sustainability to share, please write to us and we will be happy to learn with you.

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