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Thank you Mr.Johnson

Story of a Rescue effort narrated by Mrs Varsha Deshpande of ComePostVille Vasco in her own words.

Recently we experienced a very dangerous situation at our residence when two cobras back to back were found in our garden. Thanks to Mr Johnson who was like God sent angel to us.

It all began with mowing of our lawn and cleaning of our kitchen garden for Diwali .The two cobras living happily in our garden felt suddenly that they were out of place and started moving on lawn.

I have two pets a bred darling male beagle named Jimmy and the other a female stray dog named Julie. Julie had met with a severe road accident and lost her one leg. We gave her love and brought her home and adopted her since then.

Our both dogs spotted the cobras and were barking occasionally. That is the time when my house-help also spotted one of them. She was terrified. When she told me the first thought which came to my mind was of Mr.Johnson a nature lover, an environmentalist, and snake friend from our neighborhood.

Mr Johnson is a person who is very pleasant ,smiling, and always ready to help anyone at anytime. . He had earlier helped me many times so i could bank on him. When I called him, he came within 10 minutes .As soon as he came he saw the cobra and in a fraction of a second caught it with his equipment and skillfully put it in his black bag. That moment we were relieved .I thanked Johnson for his prompt action. But that was not the end .....

Next day in the afternoon at 3 pm my househelp spotted the second cobra .Perhaps this was the female and was desperately searching for its partner. But it disappeared keeping us anxious. The next day at the same time at 3:00 p.m. Jimmy and Julie started barking and I got a call from our neighbor who was witness to the first cobra episode. My neighbor called me to tell that this cobra was climbing up the steps of our kitchen entrance and trying to enter our kitchen. But our Lilliput Julie pulled the cobra bravely by its tail and stopped it from entering the house. Julie threw the cobra down .I and my husband were in office .We quickly reached home only to see that our two dogs were not allowing cobra to move an inch by non stop barking.

The cobra seemed to be angry and all set to attack Jimmy .This pet of ours was right in front of the hood of cobra and it was a scary sight. Anytime it could attack jimmy. I called Johnson desperately. Johnson was not picking up the phone ..After trying number of times I called another person who came immediately. But this time the female cobra was very furious and continuously hissing. Our dogs were also continuously barking. The snake catcher managed to hold the cobra to the ground with his equipment but the cobra was very very swift. It came on the cement area and sat in the middle exactly like in any Hindi movie where the charmer can play the charming tune. Snake catcher tried again but it was a huge massive cobra .It first jumped on the bush almost trying to attack the Snakecatcher and found its way through the lawns and escaped .I was depressed and so was the the snake catcher. He was upset for letting it go from his hands.

I really remembered Johnson .I was now scared because I knew that cobra would surely come once again and make an attempt to enter the kitchen. At night I called Johnson .Thank God that he answered my call.. I told him how I missed him and narrated the entire story .I told him that this cobra is certainly going to come again the next day afternoon and to come as soon as I call him.

As predicted the cobra appeared next day exactly at the same time and at the same place .As soon as I heard my dogs bark ,that was the signal .I called Johnson and before I went down in the garden Johnson was there . The cobra was with its risen hood and our Jimmy right in front of him barking at the cobra who was in attacking mode. Our Jimmy, by now had taken fantasy for cobra and was just not ready to turn back. When Johnson came he appeared to me like Alexander...... he came, he saw, and he conquered. Johnson caught the cobra very easily but this cobra was massive, aggressive, swift and agitated too. It tried to escape. Our dogs were not ready to leave the cobra and started interfering with Johnson. somehow he skillfully managed to pick the cobra and took it outside our main gate and closed the gate. He had to take next 15 minutes just to cool down the cobra who was continuously hissing .After lot of effort Johnson put him in the bag but it started throwing venom .Some venom came out from the bag too on Johnson putting him at risk. He washed his hands. Johnson really risked his life for us.

I think if Johnson had not come it was an impossible task to catch this cobra which was very very aggressive and difficult to handle. There were so many onlookers by then who started clicking pictures .I brought agarbatti from home and prayed to the cobra to be happy .

That was the end of a nightmare .I am really thankful to Johnson for attending my call and coming immediately and leaving both the cobras in company of each other..

Thanks Johnson for the work you are doing by risking your life .May God bless you and protect you.

Incidentally its Johnson's birthday today. Team ComePostVille wishes him the best of happiness and many more returns.

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