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Wonderful experience with a waste collection contractor

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

This is about a waste management contractor with whom Pragati Ray had a wonderful experience today.He is the one who also had collected the waste after the cleanups at the Santo Antonio Fountain

In her own words below

"Wanted to share my experience today...

So today I was walking back from Gera School after dropping my sons lunch at 1 (my daily dose of Vit D)

And impromptu decided to collect some of the garbage that I see everyday.

Managed to get one large plastic bag full

A passing tempo guy stops me and says "Ek minute madam, ye kachra aap kidhar udane ko leke jaata hai"

after explaining to him that I had collected it and was not throwing it, he was very appreciative and supportive.

The guy, Mahantesh, turns out to be the garbage contractor of old goa. He was on his way to Saligao.

Said whenever you collect any garbage in Old goa to give him a call and he will pick it.

He has arranged for the lady who collects door to door to meet me tomorrow at 1 to do some more cleanup.

I'm very happy to have support from them!" #purposedrivencommunities

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