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Learning Journey of Ioona Moniz of ComePostVille Madgaon

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

#LearningJourney of Ioona Moniz of ComePostVille Madgaon in her own words. She harvested her first batch of compost today.

"It has indeed been an exciting journey. I m learning so much from the day I joined this group and have new friends too.

I started out with small paint buckets and graduated to huge barrels.

I m very impressed with what Ryan D' Costa has made and hope to own one soon so that I have a quicker turnover.

I have used only kitchen waste of fruits and veg. Dry leaves from my garden and cowdung and a bit of soil.

Pictures of the barrels I used are below and also My 1st batch of compost"

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