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Huddle for Better Toilets (Goa Liberation Day 2022)

As decided on the World Toilet Day Huddle on 19th November, we organized a Huddle on Goa Liberation Day (19th December 2022), wherein we had a health camp, a survey, an awareness on government benefits to informal sector and a fun game called "Pitch for Great Public Toilets".

Health Camp

The health camp received a very good response as 40 sanitation workers got the benefit of the mobile health van. The Health camp was very nicely organized by the team of Voluntary Health Association of Goa, led by Vikas Kulkarni.

Check Up in progress
Team VHAG  and  the Medical Camp Mobile Vehicle with volunteers and Beneficiaries
VHAG Mobile Health Camp Vehicle

Survey of Public Toilets

The students of Home Science College, Panaji, led by their Professor Mrs Larissa Rodrigues were really sincere, patient and meticulous in the survey of various Public Toilets in Panaji. In total we surveyed 35 toilets. It was a rich learning experience to the students who were exposed to the ground realities of the state of public toilets and also of the conditions in which the sanitation workers operate. Volunteers of Ayya Waste Management also helped in the survey as it was to be done in a time bound manner.

Survey photograph at KTC Bus-stand

The analysis of the survey is being done by Professor Larissa along with Apoorva and we expect the results shortly.

The survey and the analysis will help in understanding the current state of public toilets in Panaji and we can then make a list of what measures need to be taken to improve the conditions so that the Swacch Survekshan ranking of Panaji goes up.

Access Benefits to Informal Sector

Nidhi Vaingankar of Disha foundation joined us in facilitating the registration of sanitation workers for the E-shram scheme of the government. The facilitation helps in ensuring the schemes reach the potential beneficiaries in time. The Sanitation workers usually do not have the knowhow.

Nidhi of Disha Foundation getting beneficiaries registered for E-shram
E-Shram Registration

Lunch at Children's Park

After hours of hard work exploring various corners of Panaji, we all gathered at Children's Park to refill ourselves with energy. Thanks to VHAG for sponsoring the delicious lunch for all at Ishna.

Fun Game for Great Public Toilets

Apoorva had designed a nice fun game for the students of Home Science College and it was such a great experience to see how the students prepared for it.

The game was conceptualized to start a thinking and ideating process where students could imagine an ideal public toilet which citizens would enjoy using.

Students were divided into two groups and each group was asked to make a pitch/presentation on a chart paper on why citizens should use their public toilet.

Preparation of the game
Group 2 Pitch
Group 1 Pitch

By Mr Vikas Kulkarni, Mr Unnikrishnan and Dr Subbu Nayak
Judging of the competition
Students of Home Science College

The Huddle was a very satisfying, enriching experience which would not have been possible without the support from all those who participated.

A huge thank you to

  1. Subbu, for the great support during the whole ideation, initial survey, reaching out and follow-up with Sulabh International, conceptualizing the Health Camp and playing a big part of the entire process of execution.

  2. Vikas and the entire team of Voluntary Health Association of Goa, for the flawless planning, financing and execution of the health checkup camp as well as the sponsoring the lunch for all volunteers and participants.

  3. The Principal Dr. Mahesh Pai, Professor Larissa and the entire team of students from Home Science College without which the Survey would not have been possible in such a short time period. Special mention to Professor Larissa for the leadership during the entire process.

  4. Vinit and Nidhi of the Disha Foundation for getting the registration done for E-Shram portal

  5. Aditiya , Unnikrishnan and the team of volunteers from Ayya Waste Management who supported in the survey.

  6. Someya Kumari for coming all the way from Cuncolim along with her mother for helping in the survey.

  7. Apoorva for help in the survey as well as the planning and execution of the Fun Game of Best Toilet Pitch.

  8. Last but not the least, we thank Brajesh ji and the entire team of Sulabh International who facilitated in locating the various public toilets , without which the survey would not have been possible in such short time.

Community Building

We developed very good relationships with Faculty and students of Home Science College, with various attendants of the toilets surveyed, with the team of Voluntary Health Association of Goa. When multiple organizations come together and work as a team in collaboration and spend some wonderful time together, it has its own charm. We made many friends in the process.

Way Forward

The analysis of the Toilet survey is going on and after we complete it we are planning to explore recognition of the best public toilets by the Corporation of the City of Panaji.

The results of the Survey will also be shared with the respective maintenance agencies who manage the various public toilets so that they can take remedial actions on improving the conditions.

The aim of the entire exercise is to have better public toilets in Panaji which is one of the key parameters contributing to the Swaccha Survekshan ranking of Panaji.

Team ComePostVille


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