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ComePostVille Huddle @Sabby's Den on 30th May 2022

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Great evening spent thanks to awesome hospitality by Sabby, Angela and family. Really enjoyed the meticulously planned program. Flora and Fauna grown and managed with so much love, care and passion, the friendly humorous chatter, camaraderie was lots of fun. Thanks for the nice snacks, star fruits, smoked tea and the dragon fruit saplings.

There are fruiting trees of Rambutans, Mangosteen, Dragon Fruits, Star fruits various breeds of Chicken, Dogs, tree house, fountains, monitor lizard and much more in this quite a beautiful place.

Thanks to Shyam for the nice Yoga session, Allwyn for sharing knowledge about Solar electricity. Thanks to Regina for giving all of us some serious fitness goals. Thanks to all who made it for the energy and the spirit of community.

I met many for the first time and it was a great to put names to faces. We have definitely come closer as a group.

Look forward to many more interactions like these.



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