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Aquaponics Huddle with Dr Sanjay Coelho @Velsao on 26th June 2022

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Thank you Dr @Sanjay Coelho for some amazingly candid sharing of experiences about your journey in Aquaponics and growing your own food. What came out pretty strongly was the effort that you put in going into so much detail about every aspect.

And no you did not psyche us out !!

It was indeed a great experience in understanding what are the do's and don'ts, what works, what care to take, various tips, where to buy the different components right from the tanks, the feed, the pumps, etc in so much detail.

Thank you for being a really good host for the Huddle today.

Thanks to all who made it for the Huddle and shared your respective journeys in sustainability and also for the various seeds and saplings that were exchanged.

Was great to meet in person all who have been interacting in the chat groups. We should have Huddle's more often.

Thanks to all who made it a wonderful Sunday morning. Lot of connects, ideas, collaborations and memories to take back.



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