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The Goan farmer's market. A low waste store @Navelim

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

If a shopkeeper does not give plastic carry bags to clients he/she could lose business, as a citizen may go to another shop which gives the plastic carry bag. This is an argument given by many shops justifying keeping of plastic carry bags.

A lot of citizens get mocked at while carrying their own bags or containers and stared at when they ask others to do so.

However there are some very rare ones which buck the trend and take the effort (and the risk) of educating citizens on getting their own containers for benefit of the environment. One such store in Navelim is the Goan Farmer's Market.

The topic came up in the ComePostVille Madgaon group and as we were chatting with Chiara Viegas E Tulkar the other day and this is what she has to say.


"The Goan Farmers market is a low waste store in Navelim that sells locally grown chemical free vegetables, fruits, grains and spices. We also sell honey, coconut oil, rice, vinegar, homemade pickles, jams, squashes, terracotta pots, and other sustainable products. We work on the bulk concept, like the ol’ Posros, where nothing is pre-packed in plastic.

We pack as per the customer’s requirement using brown paper envelopes/newspaper bags. We also encourage customers to bring their own containers or return the containers they buy in. Customers get a discount on their next purchase when they bring back their old containers.

We also stock soap nuts and bio enzymes and encourage customers to switch to eco friendly cleaning products in their homes. Plants, vermicompost, handmade soaps and beauty products, compostable sanitary pads and up cycled bags are some of the other items available at the store."


May we have many more stores like these in Goa and may the tribe of citizens carrying their own containers/bags grow.

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