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Story of how a Surangi tree was saved

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Story of how a community can do wonders. #CitizenWins

Below is a feedback from @Varsha Deshpande of ComePostVille Vasco

"At last the search is over...the tree which I was planning to cut turned out to be rare strange tree .It has flowered with surangi on every branch and fragrance

I am really happy has flowered after 6 years. I can't imagine ...I was to uproot it. I thank all members from preventing this tree from being cut ..Tree also must have realized it

Members from group forced me not to cut Madhura came personally and took the branch to check but clear-cut nobody could tell I had planted it as kokum tree .

But when few branches were cut this summer it suddenly flowered with fragrance .It seems they generally grow in aravalli and forests of shiroda.I am happy for keeping ..this rarely grows in garden .

I always had a wish to sit under a tree and tell stories to kids from neighborhood..I had planted one nice mango tree with that intention and made provision for sitting ..unfortunately that much distance I can't walk due to my leg problem this tree is right behind my kitchen . So happy "

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