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Learning Journey of Sonal Pawar from ComePostVille Pune

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

#LearningJourney of Sonal Pawar of ComePostVille Pune in her own words below.

"I have been composting for the last 7 years now. People often say that Composting is a very untidy process, as it invites a lot of insects. But in contrast, by looking towards its positive aspects, I would say that it is a process wherein we convert our own organic waste into a resource, which is beneficial for us and for the Earth. That is why it is also called black gold.

Initially, I followed different steps but in the end, I got to learn that each compost bin is different and unique in its own sense. We just have to observe and need to act accordingly.

For me, Composting is one of the methods by which I can connect myself with nature. And be sure that I am not contributing to the pollution and make sure that I am always the part of the solution and growing my food to some extent."

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