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Inspiring Changemaker Sir Venkatesh Natekar

Sometime earlier this month, I was lucky to meet a very respected retired headmaster from Bicholim, Sir Venkatesh Natekar.

He has been a changemaker to not only his students but also the entire community in the surrounding villages. There are many things that he has done in his career as a headmaster.

I would like to list down some inspiring things he has been doing.

  1. He practices various techniques of composting at his residence where he also grows a lot of vegetables and fruits.

  2. He collects cow dung from the roadside every morning and uses it as a fertilizer in his garden.

  3. Along with a group of senior citizens, youth and other enthusiasts of Swaccha Sundar Bicholim Group, he picks up trash once every week and creates awareness in the surrounding areas towards cleanliness and protecting the environment.

  4. He uses an interesting wood fired water heater for all his hot water requirements. It can take coconut shells, twigs etc as well. Therefore all the garden waste is either used as a fuel or as a fertilizer

There would definitely be many more things that he has done that I may not have known or understood during my brief meeting with him, but whatever he has done is really inspiring

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