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Hunger Free Institutions

  1. Contractor has no choice to prepare food sufficient for all students, as there is a penalty if it falls short.

  2. The Contractor does not know how many will come for that particular meal.

  3. More than 60 students did not turn up for lunch today.

  4. Kadi pakora, Dal, Chapatis and Rice was on its way to the garbage bin.

The food was collected and distributed to residents of a slum area near Ponda New Bus Stand.

To put in place a system, Sarpanch of Bandora was requested to facilitate the collection and distribution on a daily basis. He has thankfully agreed.

However we would need to still #TrackTheChange till the takeover is smooth and there is #ZeroFoodWaste.

Do you know of any place in Ponda or any other city where good food gets wasted ?

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