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Community Seed Bank Launch at Chowgule College Madgaon, 6th August 2022

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The Community Seed Bank at Chowgule College was successfully launched on 6th August 2022.

  1. More than 60 indigenous flowering and medicinal saplings were planted by the students and the community

  2. The Botany Department students took all of us for plant walk where we learned about different varieties of plants and their importance in the campus.

  3. Dr Suvarna Fonseca shared about the work she has been doing in sustainability. She also shared about her experience of meeting Dr Vandana Shiva at Dehradun Beej University. She was very inspiring as always.

  4. Selma Viegas , Albertina and Viola shared very vivid experiences of community farming, the struggles associated, the patience required and what it takes for a group of dedicated individuals to hold ground and be successful. Thanks for coming all the way from Taleigao.

  5. Bena Barreto and Brian Tavares were very resourceful in sharing their knowledge about plants. Thanks Cirilo for sending the seeds of Jamaican egg fruit.

  6. Thanks to Dr Rekha Mallya who shared beautiful plants which were part of her amazing garden. These are of different colours and flower throughout the year ensuring an amazing spread of colours all the time.

The #CommunitySeedBank is open for all citizens who can #deposit indigenous varieties of seeds, saplings, cuttings and once they are ready, can also #withdraw and propagate at their own homes.

We look forward to how the saplings planted grow and flourish into a riot of colours.

Thanks a lot to Cdr Parijat Sinha for enabling and supporting this initiative, to the Principal of Chowgule College, to Dr Uma Masur and all the students of the Botany Department and to all the members of the ComePostVille community who made the event so enriching to all.

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