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ComePostVille New Year Huddle and Biodiversity Trail @Caranzalem Children's Park on 2nd January 2022

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

ComePostVille New Year Huddle Story

The New Year Huddle that was organized on 2nd January 2022 was an amazing learning experience which we will cherish for a long time.

We were guided by Miguel Braganza, Dr Ashish Prabhugaonkar and Dr Hiremath for the Beach Biodiversity Trail.

Sharing here some key learning outcomes. A detailed document is available and we could share it with anyone who would like to read it.

  1. The biodiversity trail introduced the citizens to various species of native as well as invasive varieties of plants on the beach eco-system. Due to increased human intervention and presence of sewage etc, the native varieties have to compete with the invasive varieties which thrive on the nutrients provided due to sewage and other activities.

  2. Experts expressed unhappiness as common sand dune vegetation such as previously common sand dune plants such as Spinifex littoralis, Sesuvium portulacastrum, and trees like Scaevola taccada (bhadraksh) are becoming rare and were not observed.

  3. A potluck as well as a seeds and saplings exchange are activities which bring the community together. There were a lot of really tasty food items and some not so common varieties of seeds and saplings exchanged. Loofah, Soapnut, Tapioca, Tree tomato, tarvoti chilly, Indian Cork tree are some of the ones which were exchanged.

  4. We visited the material recovery facility managed by Ayya Waste Management where dry waste is further separated for better value recovery.

  5. We were able to meet 35+ ComePostVille members from various locations and learn about some amazing initiatives that are being taken by them

Thanks to all who participated in this Huddle. Look forward to many more.

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