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Home made Hair Oil (Maka/Bhringaraj/False Daisy)

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

False Daisy/Bhringaraj/Maka is used to make hair oil. How many in the community have used this hair oil and is there anyone who makes this at home ? Recipe :- Homemade hair oil- Hibiscus leaves and flowers, Brahmi leaves, Maka leaves, Fenugreek powder, Curry patta, onion seeds, awala powder(quantity of all herbs as per availability)and coconut oil. Make a fine paste of all above ingredients in mixer and add to coconut oil. Keep all for boiling. First all contents will start getting fried as making cracking sound and after some time it will stop noise. Very herbal smell would start filling the surrounding, stop boiling. After it sets down and cooled down, fill up the bottles. I am making this as per guidelines from my Mother in law Usha Sadhale and My senior friend Gulabtai Borkar. Gulab Borkar Oil, is dark red+green in color. One can also add 2-3 pieces of camphor for medicinal aroma.

Credits: 1. Rashmi Sadhale --The Recipe and photographs of ingredients and the oil bottle. 2. Juliet Vaz e Carneiro --The Plant photograph

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