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Do It Yourself Composter with material details

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Innovative #DIY Composter by Sarita Pai from ComePostVille Ponda.

The composter is made by her husband and she has shared the details below. They have started composting in this recently and will share how it works as they get the first hand experience themselves.

Material used for composting barrel

1. plastic barrel

2. 2 wooden battens for base

3. 1 pipe of dia 1 inch & 55 inches length

4. 2 nos of M.S. flats of size 40 mm width for mixing compost

5 Nuts and bolts

6 4 nos purlins

Taken 4 purlins of length 33 inches & joined 2 purlins by nuts & bolts ( see photo ) 2 on each side.

Make hole of 1" at d top n bottom of d barrel ( hole should be according to d size of gi pipe )and insert d pipe in d barrel Lift d barrel with d help of d pipes & keep it on d purlins. Made small holes on d barrel & also removed d cap of d barrel for aeration.

Then made one opening on d side of d barrel by cutting 10" × 8" piece of barrel.put aluminium border on d sides of d opening & fix d same by hinges. Also put one latch for locking purpose.

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