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World Toilet Day at Ponda Municipal Council

World Toilet Day was celebrated by ComePostVille and Green Army Foundation, in association with Disha Foundation and Ponda Municipal Council on 18th November, 2022 at Ponda Municipal Council Hall.

Abhinav Apte of ComePostVille explained the thought behind celebration of World Toilet Day and also about how we can all work together to improve the ranking of Ponda in the Swacch Survekshan 2023.

Mr Manoj Naik , Sanitary Inspector from the Health Department's Community Health Center, explained the importance of having proper sanitation gear like gloves, shoes for sanitation workers as well as responsible behavior from citizens while using public toilets.

Mr Vinit Kundaikar of Disha Foundation explained the importance of financial security and social security for the informal sector citymakers whom we need to support by providing access to the various government schemes available for them.

The Chief Officer of PMC Mr Yogiraj Gosavi as well as the Chairperson Mr Ritesh Naik extended their full support for the cause of maintaining clean public toilets, clearing black spots and putting in all efforts to improve the ranking of Ponda in Swacch Survekshan 2023. Special appeal was made to citizens to use the Swacchata App for logging complaints about littering, open defecation, open urination etc.

Four sanitation workers who are involved in maintaining cleanliness in Public Toilets in Ponda\, were felicitated with certificates and memento's at the hands of the Sanitary Inspector, Chief Officer as well as the Chairperson.

Mr Ramakrishna Gaude from Green Army Foundation and Mr Brajesh from Sulabh International Goa Office were instrumental in making this program a success.

There is a lot that we as a society need to do about making public toilets better. If anyone wants to join us in this effort please feel free to reach out.

Happy World Toilet Day

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