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Street-Plays at Vasco for Better Public Toilets

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Why did we do Streetplay ?

The Huddle in Panaji with the Supervisors of Sulabh Public Toilets from across Goa, gave us some important insights.

  1. Much more work is required to be done to generate awareness about importance of hygiene and sanitation among public toilet users

  2. There is a huge trust barrier between common citizens ( who may not use the public toilet regularly, but may have to use occasionally), the toilet attendees, the local bodies, NGO's and the topic of Public Toilets is rarely discussed seriously

  3. After reading our post on our plans for the Spittoons for gutkha chewing toilet users, Tr Maya Sonkar from Navy Children School was curious to understand the initiative and we got into a conversation

  4. She wanted to understand what role could she/students of her school play in Vasco towards the cause of #BetterPublicToilets.

  5. After a short survey done by her in 3-4 public toilets in Vasco, it was felt organizing a Street-play would be a good workable idea and was something we both agreed on.

Getting Permissions

First we had to decide on the venue which would be safe, clean as well as easy for citizens to visit and which could accommodate a sufficiently large gathering. We thought the Municipal Park could be an option and when I called up the officer in the Municipality to ask permission, he suggested a much better option.

The Median just in front of the Municipality was much better, as it was a place that is busy with people moving in and around. Getting common citizens would be easier. Also in the event of rains, we could all take shelter in the municipality building.

The municipal officers were very kind in granting permission and also spreading the message with various Councillors as well as the Municipal School.

Getting Participation and preparation.

Mrs.Anupama Mehra-Principal and Mrs.Sonali Mukherjee -Vice Principal of the Navy Children School were kind enough to send three 4 teams for this. Also thanks to Tathastu Riviera and the Municipal School Vasco for getting the Streetplay performances ready in less than a week. The main driving force in getting the Streetplays of the teams ready, was Tr Maya Sonkar. It was a lot of hours put in getting the practice sessions done.

Getting the Sponsorship for Prizes and Refreshments

The Navy Foundation (Trophies) and Lions Club of Dabolim (Snacks) were kind enough to support the Huddle. Mrs Damle a senior ComePostVille member was instrumental in enabling this connect and the support. Gratitude to Cdr Ananthanarayanan for getting his son ( a professional photo/videographer/editor) to get the documentation.

Organizations that got connected in this.

It is important that local NGO's/Social Sector Organizations get together to solve some of the pressing issues in our society.

1. R Adm Philipose P.G. of the Navy Foundation, ( sponsored the trophies and also one of the Judges)

2. Dr Divya Singhal of the Center for Social Sensitivity and Action, Goa Institute of Management. (Came all the way from Sanquelim to support us and also agreed to be one of the Judges)

3. Chairperson and Councillors, Chief Officer and the entire team of the Mormugao Municipal Council. (Immense support in providing the venue as well as getting the area cleaned up, cordoned off)

4. Dr Kirti Naik and her team from the Lions Club of Dabolim who sponsored the healthy snacks for the participants and also was one of the Judges.

5. The Navy Children School, the Municipal School and Tathastu Riviera for participating and delivering such brilliant performances. Students were well supported by their Parents who were rooting for them.

6. Thank you cards were given by the students of Navy Children School, to the sanitation workers and supervisors of Sulabh International, an NGO which manages and maintains most of the Public Toilets in Goa.

7. It was a pleasant surprise to have among us the Hon'ble MLA Shri Daji Salkar who has also promised support for such future Huddles.

Impact of this Intervention

  1. Direct impact on the students, who would remember this for a long time. The thought process, the script, the performances all help in getting a concept and good habits ingrained in oneself.

  2. The parents of the students who performed would also have got the message of how important sanitation of Public Toilets is. There would have been discussions at home on the various aspects of sanitation and hygiene.

  3. I was speaking to a sanitation worker to ask about his feedback. He was so happy to see this entire event being organized with Public Toilet as a central theme. It would definitely have given him a feeling that, we as a community have respect and care for the important work he does every day.

  4. This was just a start or a pilot intervention. Getting together of such various stakeholders for a particular cause opens up a lot of opportunities for next steps that we intend to take in this topic. We are sure all those who participated would be happy to support more such interventions.

  5. Making new friends. ComePostVille is about making new connections and partnerships which work together with a purpose, in a manner that is fun and enjoyable to all stakeholders.

What do you think about such Huddles ? Would you like to organize such Huddles at your location ? Let us know and we will be happy to collaborate.

The ComePostVille Community

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