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Karvi Huddle Story at Nirankal

Saw the beautiful Karvi flower(Strobilanthes callosa) today at the Huddle organized at Nirankal today. Wonderful explanation by Suryakantji Gaonkar along with Ramakant Gaonkar.

This plant has a lifecycle of 7 years after which it blooms and the plant dies leaving seeds in the surroundings. The new seedlings grow over a period of seven years and then bloom.

Shri Ramakantji Gaonkar while searching for items for his matoli (decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi) spotted it this year.

There were many other things that we saw and learned along the way, beautiful butterflies, a viper snake,

It was a lovely experience to meet so many environmentally conscious citizens who displayed how to conduct ourselves on treks like these. None left any plastic footprint, on the contrary some took back some waste that was found there.

We will keep organizing such huddles regularly.

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