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Huddle with Public Toilet Supervisors across Goa.

With the aim of understanding the difficulties in which the public toilet attendees operate, and also to see what we can do together to improve the user experience, a Huddle was organized today with 15-20 Supervisors of Sulabh Toilets across Goa along with their senior management officials.

The interaction was really a beautiful experience, and each of them was very proud of the important and difficult work they do.

We discussed various ways in which we can tackle different challenges.

One interesting challenge that was discussed was how to deal with those who chew gutkha/tobacco products and spit on the walls of the Public Toilets. No matter how many times the walls are cleaned up, they again get dirty and there is no end to it.

The impression of the Toilet takes a serious beating not only due to the visual disfiguring of the wall, but also due to the stink it creates in the vicinity. Unnecessarily the impression of the Toilet gets spoiled.

While talking to them, I remembered the idea of a wash basins installed at various locations in Patoda Village (Ch. Sambhajinagar District, Maharashtra) which were designated spitting places for those who chewed gutkha.

Ex Sarpanch of Patoda Village Shri Bhaskar Rao Pere Patil ( Image sourced from a Twitter Post)

When I shared the idea with the management at Sulabh. They very much liked the idea and said, they will talk to their decision makers and revert on how to take this forward.

We have requested all the Supervisors, to think for a week on how each of the Public Toilets they supervise, can be made better.

We will meet again next Saturday 5th August 2023, 5 pm at the Panaji Market Public Toilet.

If anyone wants to join us let me know.

Lets Play Our Part for Better Public Toilets.



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Maya Sonkar
Maya Sonkar
Aug 05, 2023

Great initiative Abhinav.You are doing a wonderful job.Lets join together for a noble cause.

Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Maya for all your support. Look forward to the Huddle on 12th

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