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Huddle for Better Public Toilets at Panaji Market Complex

As decided in the last Huddle, we met at the Panaji Market complex at 6 pm today. We exchanged pleasantries and continued our discussions on if there are any suggestions from the supervisors on how we can all improve the user experience. We first talked about the progress of the suggestion given during the last Huddle on 29th July.

"Spit Here" basin.

To my pleasant surprise, the management has agreed to install one such "Spit Here" basin just outside the Market complex. The "Spit Here" basin is a wash basin which will be having water supply and will be especially installed for those who regularly chew tobacco and such products.

It has been observed in many public places like public toilets, government offices, bus stands etc, that the walls, corners turn dark red/black. Even sign boards saying "Don't Spit Here" do not work.

Going Forward

We are trying this intervention to see, how it is accepted. We are also planning to organize a session at the Panaji Market in collaboration with CCP as well as the Market association, taking all stakeholders in confidence.

The session would be covering overall cleanliness in general and would also be focused on how we can educate, train and seek cooperation from everyone and build a community/team to ensure the walls, corners and public toilets are maintained clean.

We are reaching out to various stakeholders who would like to collaborate with us on this. If you or anyone you know wants to #playyourpart you are welcome to join us in our next huddle.

Cheers till then


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