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Early winter trek to Fonte De Santo Antonio

Residents of Milroc Kadamba, Bainguinim went on an exploratory trek to the nearby historic site, *Fonte De Santo Antonio*. We briefly recapped the history of this spring that Prof Prajal Sakhardande had given a talk on last year (this natural spring being the main source of drinking water for the Kadamba Plateau, and which was said to have miraculous healing properties). We located the point where the spring starts from underground and some of us tasted the fresh sweet water. It was great fun to navigate the challenging parts of the trail and at the end, all adults and kids spontaneously participated in a cleanup activity in a super-fun team effort, and we were able to collect and carry back most of the plastic trash left behind by other ‘party lovers’. Some of you might remember the cleanup activity ComePostVille Panjim had organized here on 2 Oct 2021. In comparison to last year, there was only a little trash, considering we did a cleanup here after a whole year. (Our earnest request to fun lovers, please take back whatever you brought and dispose of the waste responsibly)

The joy of experiencing nature, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of leaving the place slightly cleaner… is unparalleled! “A morning well spent” as one of our participants said 😊

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