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Composting Demos at Schools in Curti-Khandepar VP

The Secretary of any Village Panchayat can play a very pivotal role in the overall development of the village. Having observed the workings of various other village panchayats and having knowledge of the various government schemes, a person with intent can really make a huge difference.

When I got a call from the current Secretary Mr Sachin Naik of VP Curti-Khandepar, with a plan to hold waste management sessions for two Schools M.E.F's Fatima High School and Dada Vaidya High School, I was pretty much excited about it.

The Sessions were attended by the Sarpanch, Deputy Sarpanch, Panch Members and Secretary of the VP at both the schools. We addressed about 400 students in both the schools put together.

While interacting with students of 6th and 7th standard, usually I go with a format of building/weaving a story together right from the time a farmer sows a seed till a person gets food on his plate. It not only makes them understand how at each step there is so much human effort, but also the kind of resources and energy spent.

This is usually followed with another story from the wet waste bin, to the waste management site. This makes them imaging the plight of the sanitation workers.

Demonstrations about Vermicomposting and Bioenzymes are usually with allowing them to touch and feel the worms, smelling the enzymes to make them understand, it can be done in a very pleasant way.

Another aspect which is very important is to respect each and every child as a stakeholder who we want to collaborate with to make the environment better together.

When one sees a spark/excitement in the eyes of the students, one understands the message has been delivered well.

Let's see which school is next.

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