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Amchi Panaji Huddle on World Environment Day 5th June 2023

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Despite being a working day, we had a good number of participants for the Huddle on 5th June at 9:00 am at Divja Circle. While the officials of the CCP were busy in the preparations like placing of the saplings and making other arrangements, we loved catching up with the fellow community members

Pragati had come with her home made compost which was used while planting the saplings. Was really sweet of her to do this. She was really meticulous in getting a container and gloves so that the compost could be administered without any issues.

When we were offered snacks, Ninoschka rightly suggested that the snacks/coffee should be first given to those who toiled hard in digging of the pits. The suggestion was taken in the right spirit and implemented.

Ruth Marchon came all the way from Chorao with her prize winning Ghontas and we all relished them.

Thanks to all who made it Chris, Allwyn, Saira, Saurabh, Yash, Elaine,Dave, Jason and Avdhoot bab. Thanks to Mr Sachin Ambe, Dylan, Naguesh, Leroy and other officials of CCP with whom we had discussed while planning this Huddle

The Huddle was graced by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Commissioner as well as many senior officials of the CCP. We had very good discussion with the Mayor and we agreed to discuss on how we take the initiative forward and scale it up.

There is something transformational and extensive planned very soon for Panaji.

Watch this space for more

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1 Comment

Apoorva Apte
Apoorva Apte
Jun 10, 2023

It was a nice event! Best wishes to CCP for transforming the area into a happening place.

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