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Community of citizens

Purpose Driven Communities

ComePostVille is an initiative where we citizens #PlayOurPart by exchanging knowledge, information, experiences to empower and enable positive community driven actions.







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Upcoming Huddles

Explore our upcoming Huddles & Community Drives.


Lets congratulate the winners who have #PlayedABigPart in the community

Performer of the month

This can be You


Gain points for the value you add to the community in the form of queries answered on forum, knowledge shared, huddles organized, and all such positive actions.

Become one of us

ComePost is a forum where citizens can start meaningful conversations to get community support, and build new initiatives.

ComePost Wiki

The Wiki is where we build knowledge that usually gets lost in conversations.

Huddles are events which we organize to enable positive community action

The Game

The Gamification is to appreciate good work and inspire action through healthy competition

In these groups, members are helping each other live more sustainably

Citizens document, identify, appreciate, protect and propagate various fruiting and flowering plants with emphasis on local varieties.

Come Join us

To #PlayYourPart you can join a local community , connect with like-minded citizens on the ComePost Forum, become a Knowledge creator by contributing to the WIKI or organize a #Huddle for taking community action

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