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What to do with Green peas empty pods

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

What can you do with green pea empty pods

Query/Question by Sonali Kelkar

Looking for innovative ideas

What would you do with the empty pods of green peas - besides composting them. I have a lot of them - nearly 10 kgs !!!

Sadly they aren’t super fresh and very green, else would have used them for a pea pod Bhaji / pickle.

Looking forward to suggestions

Innovation Shared by Lou Renita Barneto

"I take the very tender unspoilt ones and pressure cook.Later I put them in the blender and then sieve the mixture.The thick liquid collected is used for soups, dals etc.The roughage is binned in the compost bin. Nice, pea taste.Can use instead of water for pulao.

That's my frozen pea pods which were pressure cooked and then strained.I freeze the thick juice and use as required. The ice was melting away as I clicked this picture.

Anyone has any such interesting tips ? please share

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