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Huddle for reviving parks in Panaji with People for Panjim Parks

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Thanks to all those who joined the Huddle today.

@Sunil Shrivastava for the vision of reviving parks and open spaces in Panaji, connecting and getting the buy-in from the CCP, getting the plants from the biodiversity board and being a wonderful host for all the meetings we have had for planning this.

@Dr Subbu Nayak ComePostVille Panaji for the constant follow-ups with CCP to get the park in the state where we could host today's Huddle and meticulous documentation on the status of the park at every stage. Thanks for spotting and getting the Potter, coordinating with various vendors and all the work behind the scenes.

Thanks to Allwyn Siqueira for being a perfect Anchor for the event and getting a wonderful public address system. You are amazing at keeping the audience engaged and in good humour.

Selma Viegas has been instrumental in facilitating and connecting with Tallulah Dsilva and the #CommunityClassroom kids group who painted the wall and how good were they.

Thanks to Chris Shrivastava and @Sunil Shrivastava for the lovely snacks and all the arrangements at the venue today.

It would not have been possible without Nestor Rangel Clynne Morgan Jorge , Cleto Fernandes , Vaishali Chauhan, the Self Help groups, the Potter, the snacks vendor, Richard Dias ,and all other vendors who got their products.

Thanks to all those who did the demonstrations (Allwyn, Selma, Chris, Subbu, Ramkrishna Gaude (Palm leaf Art), Vaishali). Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with setting things up today.

Thanks to Corporation of the City of Panaji for supporting the vision, in getting the park cleaned up and the pits dug up for the sapling plantation and also the Goa State Biodiversity Board for the saplings.

Last but not the least thank you to all the citizens who attended and made it a enjoyable experience.

It has been a very humbling experience where the entire community was in sync and things got done smoothly. Honestly, I did not have much to do in the entire effort.

( For an event like this, there is a lot of work that is done behind the scenes and often goes unnoticed. Apologies if I may have missed anyone, or any task)

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