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Cinnamon experience of Gabriel from Madgaon

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Check out what Gabriel de Melo from ComePostVille Madgaon has to say about his Cinnamon experience.

"I am harvesting every quarterly. Using the bay leaves for cooking and powders for cinnamon tea, morning kada twice a week. The seeds are dried to make oil for knee pain and the cinnamon bark dried crispy in shade, powdered and stored for regular use.

Sometimes you can chew the tender leaves in the morning, very pleasant taste.

Commercial process is very different. But for personal use at home is simple.

Just cut the matured darker branch between 20mm to 40mm in dia. Take a blunt knife or scraper and scrape the bark. Keep for drying in a shade outside. Never in direct sunlight otherwise the taste and aroma will fade."

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